Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1000ml
Product Description

    Perfectly clean and hygiene Toilets has become imperative particularly during this period of global pandemic. Toilets are the place where germs& virus begin their attack on humans. ECOLEAF TOILET BOWL CLEANER is mainly designed as a powerful agent to act against the germs and stains thereby providing a sanitized ambience.

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Product Advantages

    - Most powerful  cleaner  to remove  yellowish  stains from  the bowl  
    - Extremely great to fight  against  germs, bacteria,  viruses & unpleasant smell  
    - 10 times stronger than  regular cleaners,  bleaching powder, phenyl  & acid  
    - Get the shimmering  shine of your toilet  in just few minutes  
    - Made  with  a unique  and exclusive formulation

- Ready to use

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