EcoLeaf Oven & Grill Cleaner 500ml
Product Description

    Are you food fanatic who loves to cook mouth-watering grills and barbeques but worried about the process of cleaning ? ECOLEAF GRILL CLEANER does the job for you with an ease.Be it rigid oil spills , grease residues or spices , our Grill Cleaner is the most efficient product that ensure hassle-free cleaning very quickly with in a short span of time.


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Product Advantages

    -  Removes  oil  and  grease  deposits  from  oven ,  grills  &  fryers  
    -  Reacts  very quickly  and  efficiently
    -  Free from toxic  chemicals  and acids
    -  Absolutely  safe to use
    -  Reaches  to  the  corners  and  penetrates  deeply

- Ready to use

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