EcoLeaf Dish wash Liquid 300ml
Product Description

    Clean and germ-free utensils is one of the significant aspects that ensures good health of our family. Small food residues, if left behind after cleaning may create conducive environment for germs and bacteria to multiply and increase their number. Introducing ECOLEAF DISHWASH LIQUID, a highly concentrated gel that's 5 times more powerful and cleans 3 times faster than the regular liquids. Do not worry about stubborn stains, cook freely and heartily, ECOLEAF will take care of the rest.

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Product Advantages

    - Removes hard residues of oil and spices from the utensils 
    - Very tough against grease stains 
    - Leaves no room for the formation of bacteria & fungi 
    - Removes stains easily, hard rubbing or scrubbing is not required 
    - Prevents the white layers that usually forms after utensils are dried out 
    - Requires just a spoon full of liquid to wash sink full of utensils 

- 10 ml / 1 Itr water   

- Dilute a tea spoonful in a bowl of water   

- Dip the scrub / sponge in the solution & use 

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